Why You Need a Campaign Sign Strategy

Campaign signs are a fixture of American politics and will continue to be. Fortunately, Political Sign Manager (PSM) quickly solves all your signs-related political campaign issues. Here is how this web-based and mobile app solution can benefit you:

Benefits of a Better Sign Management

Political Sign Manager helps you effectively plan, place, and monitor your campaign signs. Whether you’re managing a small campaign to something significant like federal campaigns, this solution eliminates all hassles of sign management.

# Easy Sign Placements

You don’t have to visit around the city to install the signs physically. With the help of a remote team and PSM, you can plan the placement of the signs quickly using Google Maps, latitude, and longitude coordinates or physical addresses.
Highlight the sign’s potential location on the map and ask your assistant or volunteer to accomplish the job. The team can capture pictures of signs when they are placed and periodically check, pick, and replace them after the campaign is over.
Volunteers and your paid staff will also be able to track their assigned signs throughout their own PSM account.

# Real-Time Signs Tracking

Campaign signs in poor conditions, vandalized with graffiti or damaged by bad weather conditions, look unprofessional, and are ineffective at conveying the intended message to your audience.
PSM saves the situation, by allowing you or your assistants to upload the pictures of damaged by storm or rain and put down signs. You can order new signs online and replace the damaged ones promptly. Discover other benefits of Political Sign Manager HERE

Ensure Campaigns Success with PSM

Political signs are massively effective at spreading your political messages, initiating debates, and reminding supporters to vote in your favor. But only well-designed, well-positioned signs in good condition can win onlookers’ trust. That’s why you need to be thoughtful about the placement, status, and timing of your campaign signs. Finally, whether you are a political campaign manager or a candidate, you will attain the campaign’s goals with less stress and hassle. Using PSM will save you a ton of money by enabling you to track your signs in real-time.

Get your Free 7-day trial for two users and up to 5 signs and instant free access to your first political sign campaign!

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