Where and When to Place Election Yard Signs

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Where and When to Place Election Yard Signs

Campaign signs are an essential tool to get a candidate’s message in front of voters. One key to ensuring that your signs succeed is planning out a detailed sign placement strategy. Having a real plan for how many election yard signs you will need when you will put them out and who will put them out will optimize your campaign budget and impact the overall ROI of your campaign.


Each Locality has Sign Rules

Each state has its own political yard signs laws that regulate the campaign yard signs placement, sign size, and sign text. You have to become familiar with these regulations so you don’t negate your political yard signs placement strategy.

Our usual advice to campaigns is that, unless there is an important strategic or financial reason, yard signs should start going up as soon as legally possible.

However, if local authorities make it difficult for you, or in some way prohibit your ability to place signs, you have legal recourse.

Be strategic about where good sign placements should be and get the signs put up in those locations. 

A good Location for a Political Sign

Yard signs are placed on major thoroughfares and close to high traffic areas. Usually, fewer signs are placed in areas where the candidates know they won’t win. Instead, more signs are placed in areas where there are more favorable swing voters.

High traffic areas are obvious locations for campaign yard signs. They provide a lot of visibility to those who pass by. Intersections are also good because signs are noticed by stopped motorists. Specific private properties have high visibility. Call those property owners and ask for permission to place a sign on their property.

The signs are typically placed close to the road for greater visibility. In most highways, a sign may not be erected so that the part of the sign face nearest a highway is within five feet of the highway’s right of way line.

Maps for determining Sign Placement 

Maps with voting areas can be useful in determining important road intersections and busy traffic locations where campaign yard signs should be placed.

Mapping software, like Political Sign Manager with Google Maps included, is now available. The software makes it easier to locate important locations for signs placement.

Political Sign Manager is a web and mobile app of extremely high novelty. It allows you to place signs on the map and send later reminders to the staff when the signs need to be taken down after the election.

Using PSM will help you save a ton of money by being able to track your signs in real-time.

Request a Live Demo, register for a free trial, and gain a competitive advantage in your political race.



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