Stand Out from Your Competitors with 4 x 8 Corrugated Road Signs

Busy roads and highways are one of the best places to put up signs because of large space and high visibility. A lot of people use highways daily to commute, and they undoubtedly take a look at these large signs while driving. Therefore, many businesses place signs on high-traffic roads to advertise their brand and products to the commuters.

The candidates usually don’t miss this opportunity either. When launching their political campaigns many candidates prefer to place signs on highways as a quick method to reach out to a large number of people.

Size, Material, and Design for Highway Road Signs


High traffic intersection signs are generally put up on big billboards. A highway sign is typically 4 feet high and 8 feet wide, and the maximum size is one and a half square meters.


Political road signs are made mainly from corrugated plastic, because of its capacity to withstand extreme weather conditions for an extended time. Another advantage is that corrugated plastic doesn’t fold and stay rigid once placed.

The price

Corrugated signs can be used and reused over and over again, plus they can be placed practically anywhere. Besides its versatility, corrugated plastic is affordable and cost-effective, so it won’t cost you a fortune.


Road signs can be customized according to your needs and requirements. But have in mind that the sign should be bold, bright, and have to convey the right message.  Use contrasting colors with a combination of text and images to capture the commuters’ attention.

Large images and a proper balance of uppercase and lowercase letters will make your sign stand out. The sign will put forward the message clearly.


Digital full-color printing gives a nice appearance to the signs. They can be printed on one side or both sides so that drivers on both sides of the road can read them.

Proper size and design of the signs will help you in gaining instant voter recognition when running a political campaign.

Regulations and Guidelines to place Road Signs in High Traffic Intersections

Political candidates for federal or municipal elections are allowed to place campaign signs on the highway, roads, or busy traffic intersections but they have to follow specific guidelines. Be aware of the fact that there is a timeframe, that is different from one state to another, to put up the signs. Signs put outside this time will get removed. Also, if the signs are placed without the authorization of the local authorities, they may get also removed anytime.

Some regulations regarding the appearance of the signs:

  • A highway sign should not display any rotating, flashing, or moving light or obscene gesture that can distract the drivers.
  • A sign should not contain bright visuals or floodlights that can cause a visual distraction to the public driving.
  • No sign should give a command to stop, look, or caution the traffic or which resembles a standard highway traffic control sign.
  • No person should place a sign that resembles a traffic control device or gives directions to use the highway in a certain way.

Placement rules of the highway signs are also very specific:

  • No sign should be placed less than 6 ft from the pavement of the highway.
  • Do not place your signs on existing highway road traffic signs, or they will be removed.
  • Also, do not place your signs within 1,640 ft of a construction zone on the highway as it may distract drivers and cause accidents.

Benefits of using Highway Road Signs

The bigger size of highway signs comes usually with greater recognition from people. Drivers can read your sign easily from longer distances, which is a great advantage.

A large number of people drive on the busy highways and get exposed to highways signs almost daily. There is a bigger chance for them to consider the signs and do their research as a result. In a nutshell, highway signs can give you better recognition among a broader audience in a shorter time.

Highway signs are an easy and effective way of political marketing. A larger number of people will see your road signs and deliver brand recognition and campaign awareness for your Candidate, PAC, or proposition for greater success.

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