A Guide on Where to Place Legally Election Signs

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Placing your election signs at the right location can multiply their impact on the voters. Meanwhile, signs placed at an illegal location or blocked by objects like tree branches fail to perform as intended, no matter how impressively they are designed.

The key to ensuring that your signs succeed is planning out a detailed placement strategy – where should your signs go and when.

This guide discusses all important things and tips around the placement of election signs.

Election Signs on Private Properties

You can place your election signs in the following types of private properties:

Your supporter’s yards

Ask your supporters for a bit of support, hand them over your election signs and ask them to put them up in their home’s yard or driveway. People living near them will see your signs regularly and get information about your campaign and message. In this way, they are most likely to remember you while voting.

Properties in busy locations

Some properties in the city are located in places with a lot of passers-by. You should consult the owner of the property and convince them to place your election sign there. This will expose your sign to a large number of the targeted audience and make them familiar with yourself.

Election Signs in Public Places

You can place your election signs at the following permitted public places:

Busy Roads and Highways

Many people pass through Arizona’s busy roads on foot and in cars daily. Most of these people will surely take a look at your sign while commuting. You can even put your election sign on big billboards on the highway. People are sure to be attracted by a big banner while driving.

Traffic signals and intersections

One of the best places to put your sign is near traffic signals and intersections. Most of the vehicles stop here, and the drivers have time to take a proper look at your sign, read what’s written in it, and think about it.

Near shopping malls, airports, etc.

A high number of people are present in busy places like shopping malls, railway stations, airports, etc.  People visiting these places will get exposed to your election sign if you place it anywhere near such areas.

Last but not least, make sure you do not break any rules while putting up your election signs. Make sure you have permission from the necessary authorities. You cannot place signs before thirty days from the election and ten days after the election. If you break any rules, your signs may be removed, and you may lose valuable time and money.

How PSM helps you to place your signs?

Political Sign Manager (PSM) is a web-based app that helps you with effective planning and placement of your election campaign signs. Apart from this, PSM will help you find the perfect places for your signs and also to keep track of your signs.

With PSM, you will not face any difficulty in creating or placing your election signs. Campaign managers can use the app to decide appropriate locations for sign placement and check the status of the signs anytime through the app.

A picture of each sign can be stored in the app’s Campaign Signs List. You will be able to keep a check on your sign in real-time and save a lot of money while doing it.

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